“ In continuing to deliver superior investment consulting advice, products, and services, Kapstone's position as a premier, active key employee-owned investment consulting firm is confirmed by our ever-growing number of appreciative clients. ”


With a team founded by bringing together seasoned investment analysts with leaders from the sustainability research field, Kapstone International Group's approach to investment is based on our conviction that sustainability research integrated into a rigorous traditional investment process can deliver superior investment returns.


Already possessing a diverse portfolio of equity investments in which it seeks to add significant value either directly or alongside co-investment partners, the company looks to take majority stakes in businesses operating in sectors that exhibit high growth potential on an ongoing basis, with our research playing an important role in our assessment of the quality of a business, its management team, and ultimately how we value a business.

Closely aligned with our clients, Kapstone International Group’s activities are spread across a number of sectors which include financial services, infrastructure, and real estate development.


We understand too that environmetal and geopolitical factors outside of the typical business field can have a major effect on a company's ability to deliver the returns it desires.



These global challenges, including environmental degradation, climate change, declining water and natural resource availability, poverty, migration, development and urbanization, are all key drivers of global change, and Kapstone is fully aware of both the risks and opportunities they create.