" Comprised of an experienced corporate team, Kapstone International Group Corp. is among the world's leading development strategists, specializing in market analysis and highest and best-use studies for a wide range of real estate development formats "




Kapstone International Group’s global presence and mindset are also reflected in the diverse range of work we do both within and beyond the business world.


As trusted advisors to the most influential businesses, governments, and nonprofits around the globe, Kapstone collaborates as partners to solve their most challenging issues, enabling them to sustain value by creating enduring organizational change. In doing so, we team globally to bring the best of Kapstone to every individual client and every individual challenge.


No matter how complex your business questions, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward.


Through a network of affiliate partners in North America, China, South East Asia, South Korea, and the rest of the world, we are able to offer globally the same caliber of service delivered from our Calgary head office, and by continuously developing our competencies and maximizing synergies, the entrepreneurial-minded Kapstone International Group will grow beyond being a multinational corporation and make the leap forward to realize our vision of “integrity, respect for the individual, delivering value, and making an impact on society”.





Operating worldwide, we deliver expertise borne of acquired knowledge, helping our clients succeed in international markets by offering a range of global business solutions that include:

  • Market entry strategy
  • Overseas marketing and promotion
  • Business development
  • Market research
  • Creating sustainable growth through successful expansion into international markets

As a uniquely far-reaching firm with internationally distributed business and partnerships, our truly global mindset is reflected in all we do: at Kapstone each partner has the same rights and privileges, and the right to make a decision is never influenced by tenure or ranking within the partnership.