“ Constructing innovation worldwide in technology and experience. ”


Kapstone International Group's Development and Construction operations extend beyond the national borders of Canada as we bring our vision for future city design to the world while successfully carrying out new city development, overseas development, and urban mixed-use projects.


Kapstone International Group provides integrated construction and operation services to the global market while our comprehensive knowledge and experience in the execution of new building, modification, and renovation projects enables our Development and Construction department to initiate, develop, plan, execute, manage, and review any real estate venture.

Kapstone International Group's experts provide their clients with support in the diversification of their portfolios at an international level, going well beyond project feasibility; we collaborate with our clients and their design teams to best match physical form with market opportunity and constraints.

Our International Acquisitions and Sales team buys and sells real estate in established markets or markets with growth potential that are distinguished by their liquidity, transparency and secure rule of law, with the focal point of this asset allocation being office and retail properties with impressive concepts for utilization and realizing returns. Through rigorous analysis, benchmarking of best practices, and a spirit of discovery and collaboration, we bring our wealth of international project experience to bear on assignments large and small.


Kapstone carries out all engineering services such as national land development and urban design for urban planning and development in accordance with local characteristics, and to meet the purpose of national land use.





Land Use Planning

  • National Land Use Planning
  • Regional Land Use Planning
  • Particular Area Construction Planning
  • Master Planning for Construction Projects of Provinces
  • Metropolitan City Planning


Land and Complex Design

  • Land Infrastructure Planning
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Basic and Detailed Designs
  • Industrial Complex Design

City, Town and Municipal Planning

  • Master Planning
  • Management Planning
  • District Unit Planning

Special Projects

  • Turnkey for New Town Construction
  • Alternative Design


Land Development

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Development Planning
  • Execution Planning

Construction Management

  • BTL Design for Infrastructure
  • Construction Supervision
  • Construction Management on Land and Complex Development


Drawing on the accumulated knowledge and experience gained from over 20 years of research and development, Kapstone pushes to continuously develop new ideas to facilitate the creation of attractive and eco-friendly buildings that provide a break from the norm.

Away from innovating in the construction sector, Kapstone also provides engineering services for all key national industries, including environment, water resource development, land development, flood control, and disaster protection facilities, as well as road and harbor projects.

Providing pioneering finance solutions, customized strategies, and competitive products and structures, we can help your company grow and prosper. As a leader in commercial financing, we pride ourselves in assisting companies like yours advance to the next level with confidence.


Our successful track record over the past two decades has been based on combining market intelligence, practical solutions and global concepts that fit the context of the project. If you want to enhance your business with a decided edge, the best time to begin is now.